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Open Gym

Pictures of Tumble Time gym activities

All our open gyms invite you to utilize the equipment in our gym. Some offer additional coaches to help advance skills. All our open gym times are seasonal and may not be actively going. Please call to confirm times.

What When Cost Description
Family Open Gym Mon- Thurs, 12-1 PM $4/$6 Come and enjoy trampolines, balance beams, bars and much more. A time where your child can explore and have fun!
Saturday, 11-1 PM $5/$7
Adult Open Gym Tuesday, 8:30-10:30 PM $7 Come and enjoy trampolines, balance beams, bars and much more. Work on your strength, flexibility, balance, stretching, and tumbling. Open to cheerleaders, parkour, adults, break dancers, anyone who wants to come and practice in a safe environment.
AirTime Wednesday, 6:30-8:00 PM $12 Jumps, twists, turns, tweaks, rolls, flips and fly! If your student has a lot of energy, likes to move and jump on tramps, and wants to improve their air-awareness, this is the class for you! One hour of structured dryland training and 30 minutes of free jump. Location: JumpTime Boise (corner of 10th and River St.)
Cheer Wednesday, 7:30-8:30 PM $15 Our cheer clinics are a structured cheer clinic. It focuses on the fundamentals of cheer tumbling from the basics to advanced tumbling.
Saturday, 10-11 AM (Spring Only) $10
Parkour Saturday, 8-10 PM $7 Parkour open gym will focus on safety, proper execution of moves, teamwork, and sharing of knowledge between fellow athletes.